Saturday, October 24, 2009

Peabird and Da Dancehall Massive - "Dancehall Toolz" (Breakz R Uz) UPCOMING 27.11.2009

"Dancehall Toolz" is a gigantic raggae vocals mash-up tool, that is produced exclusivly from all sorts of ragga-, dancehall- and rastafarianz vocals!
These easy to use acapella-styled mixing tools are thought to be put over instrumental beats, dubbed with little hihats etc. to get easy into the groove!
Tempos reach from 85 BPM to almost 140 BPM, so these go perfectly well with traditional raggae/dancehall/hiphop music but also other styles like with Drum and Bass or Dubstep!

Besides this you will find some selected effects, fresh word-cuts and and wicked toastin snippets which are BPM arranged, too! It was never so easy to create new and nasty mixes on the fly with only using this record and some b-sides! Vinyl edition only!"

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