Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Felix Leifur | In General EP - Dirt Crew Recordings (OUT NOW!)

Release Info: "New kid Felix Leifur made quiet a stir with his debut release on Dirt Crew last year. The Icelandic juggernaut comes from the striving Reykjavik music scene and is working closely with the “Lagaffe Tales” guys on building a new northern House empire. Since his debut he’s been working hard on creating a more varied vision of his unique lo slung hip hop approach to house music. With this EP he offers six new outings that have one thing in common, very warm and moody sounds ranging from Disco through jazz and hip hop. We’re certain that he will continue to further cement his name in the coming years and we’re looking forward to working with him on plenty of exciting projects" ... www.dirtcrew.net

Out Now! The new Felix Leifur EP!

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Dirt Crew Recordings 2017 | www.dirtcrew.net

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