Thursday, April 08, 2010

STROKE.02 – URBAN ART FAIR MUNICH - 27.– 30. Mai 2010

STROKE.02 – URBAN ART FAIR - 27. – 30. Mai 2010 München, Landeszentralbank am Münchner Tucherpark

"Hype, trend or subculture? Urban art is part of our dynamic cultural development. Despite the increased popularity of the last year it’s economically still nowhere near the level of the classic art market.

STROKE’s organisers want to change that and at the same time set some new trends. Urban art is being shown in galleries and museums, handled by auction houses, and is part of a new global art movement taking place outside of the establishment. It is probably the first art movement whose history, relevance and potential is continuously changing, existing in direct correlation with worldwide distribution via the media and the creators themselves. It is also arguably the first art movement where national borders or cultural differences have no role to play..." - stroke02

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