Saturday, September 12, 2009

TAC Drive USB Flash Drive - TAD TSkull Edition (8GB)

"PRESS: Designed to store critical medical data of the bearer. These are tough, field worthy, ruggedized USB flash drives. Made to handle the harshest of environments. Submerge it under water, freeze it, blistering desert heat, and withstands repeated impacts. This is the flash drive of choice to take with you on your next secret mission.

This ruggedized USB flash drive was originally developed for Military and Law Enforcement use, but is now available to the general public.

Pre-loaded with encryted software to enter personal medical data developed by TAC Drive, this software can be used or if desired, easily removed by the owner to suit any custom data storage needs. The version shown is our exclusive "Stealth Green" color and features our laser engraved Mean T-Skull logo!" via toysrevil get more information on tadgear

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