Monday, August 17, 2009

REMIX COMPETITION - from Freerange and Dancetracks

"Are you ready to remix? Freerange Records and Dancetracks are ready to listen. Remix Pezzner's "Valldemossa" and win cool stuff including a digital release on Freerange and a copy of Ableton Live 8.

The contest features a special Live Set with audio files warped and arranged for easy remixing. Get started at:

"In this digital age it's getting increasingly difficult to check out the millions of demos that are flying around on a daily basis so as an upcoming producer it can get really frustrating. This competition on Dancetracks is a great way of getting your stuff noticed and with the added bonus of being able to flex your production muscles on an already established track.

Pezzner always uses some great parts in his tracks so there's loads to play with but keep in mind the kind of sound we're into at Freerange so dont expect much love in return for your uplifting-gabba-happy-hardcore mixes." Jimpster, Freerange Records

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