Friday, June 12, 2009

BROTHER - "Hidden Depths LP" Showcase Mix

"a promo mix from brother showcasing tracks from his forthcoming 'hidden depths' lp on fokuz. expect some deep and soulful beats..."

"Brother is known for his incredible warm sounds. When listening to his tunes you get warped back in to time, sitting in the back of a dodgy jazzclub, drinking a beer , smoking a cigarillo, while listening to some live musicians playing trumpet, the piano and a bass guitar." via everydayjunglist click


01. A Dream Like State
02. Round About Noon
03. Special Thing (with Elle Rollo)
04. 125th Street (with Hobzee & Zyon Base)
05. Ages
06. Just Say Dub
07. Dig Deep
08. Everything To Give
09. Far Apart (with Elle Rollo)
10. Second Time Around
11. Liberate
12. Do The Right Thing
13. She Said
14. Long Way Home
15. Reversal
16. Same Space

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