Thursday, May 07, 2009

Lynx & Kemo "The Raw Truth" Available Now (Full LP download £5.99)

LYNX & KEMO – “The Raw Truth” >Soundtrack to future revolution< (Out on Soul:r) "In a world of lies, corruption and superficiality, these inner city rebels refuse to play along. Perfecting orchestra, detailed compositions, Lynx has been referred to as the future of Drum & Bass for his progressive ideas and technical genius. Kemo gives the revolutionary movement a voice wth his deep, moody poetry –rapped with eloquent flow, spoken with utmost sincerity. Strength lies not in volume, but in depth and balance. The songs are laced with elaborate songwriting,reduced to the core concept, and the essence is undelined and highlighted. The songs contain gigantic peaks reached through silent gaps..." read more on myspace.

Lynx & Kemo "The Raw Truth" Album MP3 version now available on abunschofcuts

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