Monday, May 11, 2009

CALIBRE - Shelflife 2 (Signature) out next week ! 4x12" Vinyl + 2xCD

(picture above via rollocast)

"Dominick Martin aka Calibre, has been responsible for some of the seminal tracks in drum and bass history and continues to drop jaws worldwide with his sublime and sultry productions.

This compilation is a two CD journey through stone cold classics and hidden gems from the Calibre vaults, while taking in some new material along the way.

Drum & Bass, which draws on elements of dub, techno, jazz, soul, funk and more! The fact that his catalogue is strong enough to support a second retrospective release is testament to Calibre’s unique talent as a producer. Often imitated but never bettered." via S.T Holdings


Promos (CD + Vinyl) available now at
!!! MP3 available now at abunchofcuts

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