Monday, May 19, 2008

SKRATCHWORX: REVIEW - Vestax PMC-580Pro Professional Mixing Controller

"Is it just more or aren't 2 channels enough anymore? the last 18 months has seen a slew of 4 channel mixers hitting the market more or less doing the same thing, the only variable usually being MIDI. The Vestax PMC-580 has hit the market at a time when it's getting pretty damned crowded on the retailers' shelves, at the top end of the price range and lacking MIDI. But Deft still likes it.

There's not denying that the 580 is quite a mixer. From my couple of days playing while taking pictures, I was pretty impressed with the 580. Following the standard method of channel effects with an added master effect, the 580 feels like a mixer to be reckoned with. It screams quality but just seems to stop short of greatness by missing out MIDI - something that I did plead with Vestax to do when I first saw the prototype and especially after hearing the price as well..."

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