Saturday, May 03, 2008

Marcus Intalex feat. D-Bridge at RBMA Radio / Soulution Radio - Volume 10

"Forward thinking, energetic, soulful and heavy on the groove – that’s how Marcus Intalex likes it. A drum n bass DJ with eighteen years of mileage on his clock, he cut his first track in 1994 and hasn’t looked back. Based just down the road from Manchester in sunny Burnley, he was bang in position to dive headfirst into the early nineties dance culture still chaining itself to the doors of the feted (but fated) Hacienda nightclub…" (RBMARADIO-HOSTS)


Marcus Intalex ft D-Bridge @ RBMA // Soulution Radio Volume 10, 05/2008 (Stream) | mirror (165MB)

Commix - Japanese Electronics (Instra:Mental Mix)
ST Files - Fat Soul
Calibre - Remedy
Data - Muted
Commix - Life We Live
D-Bridge - Creatures Of Habit
Marcus Intalex - Cabin Fever
Lomax - Res
S.P.Y. - 8 Bits
Lynx And Hellrazor - Shady Pastimes

-- D-Bridge In The Mix --

Calibre - Out Of The Box
Marcus Intalex - Pole Dance
Random Movement, Mixmaster Doc & Focus - My Sentiments
Lenzman - I Still
Naibu - Newport
Subwave - Think
Commix - Underwater Scene
Bop - Searching The Truth


Bjarni Rafn said...

Naibu - Newport
Subwave - Think
Commix - Underwater Scene's supposed to be like this ;)

trick said...

ohh, thanks for the improvement