Friday, April 18, 2008

SKRATCHWORX: REVIEW - Mackie d.2 Pro and d.4 Pro

"It's been a good while since the first d.2 came out. It sneakily bypassed the skratchworx reviews machine but managed to build a good rep in the scene, but it wasn't without its problems. So Mackie took everything onboard, fixed a few problems and welded the Firewire card into both the d.2 Pro and new and very logical d.4. Pro model.

Out the other end came a pair of really good mixers, especially if you like the idea of your computer and mixer becoming one, then the d.Pros are worthy of your attention.

Deft's d.4 Pro musings are here, while you can pour over my d.2 Pro scribblings right here. via skratchworx

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