Sunday, March 23, 2008

Alix Perez & Lynx - Allegiance EP - SOUL:R (2x12")

Alix Perez & Lynx - Allegiance EP - Soul:R (2x12") #SOULR033
"Finish copy promo. Two of Drum and bass’s greatest hopes come together on the consistently excellent and forward thinking Soul:r label. As you would expect quality oozes out of the speakers. all four tracks feature Alix Perez or Lynx either in solo or collaboration form and there's not a duff note to be found across the two slabs.

Title track ‘Allegiance’ and ‘Inferno’ see the duo exploring deep space and bass manipulation that kind of reminds me of Krust circa Soul In Motion but with a sparser sound and bang up to date beats, Elsewhere Lynx goes funk mode with the definite grower ...

‘Randy’ a track that excels with heavy funk horn stabs and cinematic strings, while Perez confirms his love of all things Hip Hop with the sublime ‘Crooklyn’ Pure Class."

01. Alix Perez :: Inferno
02. Alix Perez :: Crooklyn

03. Lynx & Alix Perez :: Allegiance
04. Lynx & Alix Perez :: Randy

via: s.t holdings, juno & chemical-records
digital formats of this EP will soon available exclusively at abunchofcuts.

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