Sunday, December 09, 2007

A BUNCH OF CUTS - 31, Bassbin, Commercial Suicide, Exit, Signature and Soul:R mp3 store

OPENING DECEMBER 10th 2007 - The exclusive home for digital downloads from the following leading drum and bass labels: 31Records. Bassbin. Commercial Suicide. Exit. Revolve:r. Signature and Soul:r. "

"After much procrastination and several heated discussions a number of leading drum and bass labels have agreed to put their differences aside to form a collective. From Monday 10th of December 2007 you will be able to download, for the first time anywhere, the entire works of; 31 Records, Bassbin, Commercial Suicide, Exit, Signature and Soul:r /Revolver, at the aptly named collective noun for grumpy junglists

You will also in the very near future be able to find exclusive digital only content from all the labels involved. Never one to miss an opportunity to comment, Marcus Intalex had this to say on the venture, "We all have the same beliefs about keeping it as independent as possible.

We all still love vinyl and want to reassure people that we will still be supporting it but we felt it was time to try something of our own. The digital age allows us to take more control of our own labels" . Everyone else agreed for arguments sake.

To join the mailing list and register your interest, visit
A Bunch Of Cuts." via D-Bridge

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