Wednesday, August 08, 2007

CALIBRE - Shelflife (4X12") + CD (Signature Records) coming in september 2007


About the "shelflife" release: "right the shelflife lp will be out soon. the vinyl has 8 tracks while the cd version has 20 tracks i couldve gone further but im probably gonna do an extended version for download details follow shortly, again thanks for the love......."

VINYL VERSION (8 Tracks - 4x12") "Classic unreleased Calibre D&B productions (from 1997 to 2005) finally make onto 4 X 12" Vinyl. Please note this album will not be promo-ed. Finish Copies only. ... Release Date: 03.09.2007 ..." via


A. Venus and Mars *
B. Stay High
C. Roller *
D. Klute - Part of Me (Calibre Remix) *
E. Easy on my Mind
F. Acrobat
G. Re-Entry *
H. Peace of Mind

CD VERSION (20 Tracks) ... more info will comin' soon!
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