Thursday, September 20, 2007

4hero - Morning Child (Video)

Description: video for 'Morning Child' featuring Carina Andersson. taken from the 4hero album 'Play With The Changes' released 2007 on Raw Canvas. via bulletin from

4Hero (Mark Clair, Dennis McFarlane / Dollis Hill, London, United Kingdom.)
"Been around since the early 1980's, Marc and Dego have influenced many styles under many monikers; from jungle to drum'n'bass, from hip-hop to techno. The genre "Broken Beat", it could be argued, was virtually created off the back of their album "Two Pages".

They also set up many labels to reflect the scenes they were and continue to be part of: Reinforced, 2000 Black, Twisted Funk, Omniverse, and Raw Canvas Records..." click discogs

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